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"Starting Your Career as a Marine Mammal Trainer"
About the Author ... Terry S. Samansky
Author Terry Samansky has worked with whales,
dolphins, seals, sea lions and walruses since 1979.  
He holds a Bachelor's degree in biology and
chemistry from California State University
Sacramento, and began his professional career at
Marineland of California. Eight years later he went
on to Marine World Africa USA, which is now Six
Flags Discovery Kingdom .  In 2001 he left his
position as Director of Marine Operations at Six
Flags to start his own consulting company.
Over the years Mr. Samansky has held positions as a marine mammal keeper, rehabilitation specialist, trainer,
curator and director, and has worked at facilities in the United States , Japan and South America .  As a member of
several top rated management teams, Terry has had the opportunity to interview, hire and train numerous successful
candidates for a wide variety of marine mammal positions. This experience, and his desire to help aspiring marine
mammal professionals, motivated him to write and publish the popular book
“Starting Your Career as a Marine
Mammal Trainer.”  
Mr. Samansky has also written and co-authored
numerous papers and publications for professional
organizations such as the International Marine
Animal Trainer's Association and the International
Association for Aquatic Animal Medicine.  He
especially enjoys sharing his knowledge, expertise
and enthusiasm for marine mammal biology, care and
training though live interactive classes and