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A Little About Killer Whale Training

This first series of photos shows a cooperative behavior where one killer whale lays out in the center of the pool while a second whale leaps over it.  It demonstrates the very high level of trust and cooperation that exists between the two animals and their trainers.  

WoW01b.JPG (71390 bytes)    WoW01c.JPG (64245 bytes)    WoW01e.JPG (67336 bytes)

(Note: There is a short animated gif of this "whale over whale" behavior at the bottom of this page.)

This  next series shows the same cooperative behavior, but this time between one of the whales and a trainer.  Notice that the animal dives over the trainer from the opposite direction.  This helps the animal discriminate between the two very similar behaviors.

WoT01b.JPG (68465 bytes)    WoT01c.JPG (66966 bytes)    WoT01e.JPG (65228 bytes)

For more information on this fascinating species check out our feature article "A Killer Reputation". 


The "Whale Over Whale" Behavior:


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