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"Starting Your Career as a Marine Mammal Trainer" (2'nd Edition)
* Have you ever wondered what it's really like to be a dolphin, sea lion or
killer whale trainer?
* Do you think it would be interesting to care for, train and study these unique
and engaging creatures?
* Would you like to know how someone prepares for this type of fascinating
* If so...then this is the book you've been waiting for.  
This valuable and unique career guide contains over 140 pages of insightful
information and inside tips.  It includes photos, index, bibliography and an
extensive Resource Directory with important contact information for
numerous marine mammal display facilities, rehabilitation centers,
professional associations, government agencies, colleges and universities.  
This hard-to-find information includes addresses, phone and fax numbers,
email and website addresses.
Author Terry S. Samansky is a marine mammal professional with over 20
years of
hands-on experience working with dolphins, killer whales, seals,
sea lions,  walruses and other marine species.  Over the years, Mr.
Samansky has been a marine mammal trainer, care specialist, curator,
director and consultant.  He draws upon this extensive personal experience
to provide a rare "behind-the-scenes" look at this profession from both the
trainers' perspective and that of the people who hire and supervise
them...the management team.  
The completely revised and updated 2'nd edition is published by and is
available now.
ISBN Number: 0-97198532-4
Library of Congress Control Number:
For a great overview of everything this new book has to offer, check out the Table of Contents.
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